Company History

In the Mobile Application world, knowing who your customers are and making sure you have the products and services they want becomes even more imperative than it is in the"real" world... The corner grocery needs only to approximate what customers really want because the convenience factor brings in the business. But when you eliminate this advantage--when customers can go anywhere to get what they want--you'd better know what they're looking for.

With a focus on travel, technology, and viral business practices,Wazado Mobile Applications B.V. would like to extend their story to you of how they have come to be.


Becoming the mobile application provider

Wazado Mobile Applications B.V. is today was a natural progression. An audit and extensive research of application marketplaces revealed a striking discovery. Although as fierce as the competition may be, there were and still are market segments not being fulfilled. With this new found awareness, a knowledge base of GPS, C++, and mobile technologies, the stage was set for founders to breathe life into NAVV.



Today, NAVV looks to the future with their mission statement as the foundation for their once small business.


Mission Statement: "To provide value to consumers by offering high quality mobile applications at the most affordable prices."